There is a first for everything…

…and this is mine.  I’ve made a decision to start a blog, because I’m experiencing a bit of  renaissance and wanted to participate in it instead of watching it from afar.

I’m not a journalist, nor would I recommend any reader who wanders in, or comes here with a purpose, consider me one.  Once read, I’m sure it won’t be a challenging consideration.  As with most of my experiences, this one promises to be exciting, full of fits and starts, but in the end, rewarding.

My niece is a professional journalist.  Politically and philosophically opposed, we enjoy great debate about the events of the day, the decisions of our leaders globally, or just sports and relationships in general.  She is bright, well read, and has a way of looking at the world today with a more receptive eye.  She has taught me much; I wish only that she has taken a portion that she has given.  But, I’ve changed.

I’ve come to admire many of the other non-journalists who are seeing more in the world to improve, questioning outdated methods that are less useful, critiquing not criticizing, but offering solutions instead of complaints.  Twitter has become a place where I spend time reading and learning from others; almost like arriving at a new school as the new kid.  You want to be a part of it, but are afraid to jump right in.

But, unlike the environments of my generation, these scribes are more accepting, less critical of a different viewpoint, more welcoming of dissent and debate…like my niece.  They are not judging appearance, social status, stations in life.  The thoughts and ideas that come to them from others are their goal, their ruler of acceptance; As opposed to leading new thinkers, they “follow” them.  What a great concept.  An idea leader, who gets responses, and starts “following’ the responders.  With the leadership troubles we have in governments around the globe, what a unique endeavor that would be…to listen to the community, and start following ‘them’, instead of telling them what they need to do.

So, here I go.  I’ve followed the many scribes I’ve enjoyed to the “blogosphere”, and if others may follow me, I thank you and appreciate all you have to teach me!  Peace!

3 thoughts on “There is a first for everything…

  1. Brad:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m glad you’ve decided to take the plunge as you have a lot to share. Thanks for starting this venture and I look forward to reading and learning more.

    Hat Tips to you!

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