Coach class experiences

I’m using the new “gogoinflight” wifi service.  How cool is it to be able to connect to the internet from your coach (bummer!) airline seat?  It reminds me of the first time I used an airphone, which was another convenience designed to make our lives easier…unless, of course, you were the person next to the person using the airphone.  This is cool to be able to listen to iTunes, and connect.  It makes you feel kind of high tech.

Courtesy of

The other side of my brain, however, is going, “Really?”  “Really?”.  You want to be connected here too?  Way up here, up above the grass, and trees, and tall buildings, and cell towers, and clouds?  “Really?”.  Where you used to read a real book, or the newspaper, or watch a movie, relax?  Where you could get a break from your handheld email, cell calls, laptop email?

Perhaps it isn’t as cool as I think it is.

It was cool to send flowers to a friend from here to say thank you for putting me up for the weekend.  That was cool and is one less thing to do…you know, down there.  I can post those pictures, kinda, to Facebook that I’ve been wanting to do so my kids could share them with friends.  That’s been on my list for a while.   And, I did read, from a link in the blog of someone I’m following, a cool article.

Hey, I can download that book from Amazon that I wanted into my Kindle for PC.  And, wow, there’s the newspaper that I forgot to buy.  I think I’ll read that now.

Maybe this is pretty cool, really.

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