Posted in May 2012

“Less Disruptive, More Instructive”

This is a quote I read in a recent article of B to B Online (, referencing the challenges marketers face utilizing the wide variety of marketing channels that are “screens”…computers, tablets, phones, cameras, and soon…paper! Live events present terrific opportunities to engage the visual senses to enhance attendee education, interaction, and engagement.  Exhibit booth … Continue reading

The Price Isn’t Right

In the last five months I have had the opportunity to attend IAEE, PCMA, the Exhibitor Show and others…a pretty fair cross-section of the trade show stakeholder market. Most of the formal and informal conversations that I have been a part of have been focused around: How do we stay relevant to our dues paying members? How … Continue reading

Lifelong Learning

[This is being shared from… Jessica Miller-Merrell shared her takeaways from the BlogHer ( conference this past summer, and specifically called out Ms. Nooyi’s presentation on the 5C’s of Leadership, and the changing landscape for women, highlighting that 7 out of 10 worldwide buying decisions are made by women. When you consider countries going … Continue reading