Lifelong Learning

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Jessica Miller-Merrell shared her takeaways from the BlogHer ( conference this past summer, and specifically called out Ms. Nooyi’s presentation on the 5C’s of Leadership, and the changing landscape for women, highlighting that 7 out of 10 worldwide buying decisions are made by women.

When you consider countries going through major revolution/social evolution right now where women have very little stature, what does that mean for develoed countries and industries like meetings/conventions/trade shows? Our industry organizations, such as ASAE, PCMA, MPI and others, generate percentages approaching, and in some cases above, 70-75% of their membership from women. That would mean that potentially much more than 70% of the buy decisions in our industry are made by women.

This may not be news but is pretty cool.
* Is it because our industry, by its nature calls for high levels of collaboration, and as Pepsico CEO shares “Female business leaders hold an advantage over their their male counterparts because they nurture and add humanity…”
* Is it because their leadership style, as opposed to that of their male counterparts, is ehanced through EQ as well as IQ?

Here is her 5 C philosophy:

  1. Competency. Stand out from the pack and be a lifelong learner. Remain ahead and abreast in your field.
  2. Courage and Confidence. Speak out.  Establish your knowledge base and be confident in it as a leader.
  3. Communication. Over-invest in written and oral communication. Leaders constantly have to motivate the troops.
  4. Consistency. Remaining steady, reliable, and determined allows for credibility and a baseline to measure your successes and failures.
  5. Compass. Integrity is critical in this job.

These are terrific guideposts for all of us, women or men.

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