The Price Isn’t Right

In the last five months I have had the opportunity to attend IAEE, PCMA, the Exhibitor Show and others…a pretty fair cross-section of the trade show stakeholder market.

Most of the formal and informal conversations that I have been a part of have been focused around:

  1. How do we stay relevant to our dues paying members?
  2. How do I create greater value for my attendees AND exhibitors, when one is there for education and one is there to sell products?
  3. How can I increase engagement between buyers and sellers so my exhibitors consider my show  an important channel for their marketing spend for exhibit space and sponsorship?
  4. How can I work better, as an exhibitor, with show organizers to get better data and create opportunities to increase brand awareness and preference within their market?
  5. How can we all…show organizers, exhibitors, and solutions providers…create greater engagement and more rewarding and meaningful experiences before, during, and after these live events?
Greater investment in face to face events is needed to continue to grow them, enhance the attendee experience, drive attendee and exhibitor interaction, create community, enhance connectivity, and reach the remote audiences who do not attend.
Price now has to follow that demand in order to continue to invest in live events.  The needs of attendees around community, connectivity, and creativity have changed the playing field forever.
Free services are no longer realistic as cities pressure venues to be profitable, and exhibitors are watching show participation ROI with more strategic discipline around their spend choices.  Exhibitors no longer want to foot the bill for education and show services, while having to beg attendees to walk the trade show floor.  Value needs to be created for them.  Challenges abound!
What new strategies are you deploying to create greater value for the attendee investment in their professional education, and for the exhibitor and sponsor for their investment in your event?

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