“Less Disruptive, More Instructive”

This is a quote I read in a recent article of B to B Online (http://www.btobonline.com/article/20120516/EVENT02/305169995/iab-innovation-days-everything-is-a-screen-these-days), referencing the challenges marketers face utilizing the wide variety of marketing channels that are “screens”…computers, tablets, phones, cameras, and soon…paper!

Live events present terrific opportunities to engage the visual senses to enhance attendee education, interaction, and engagement.  Exhibit booth environments are, for many companies, moving from the sales stand mentality that creates the lack of desire on the part of attendees to “walk the maze”, to an environment where I can learn, experience, and have hands on interaction with products and services I have an interest in and wish to experience live.

This has become a real intrigue issue for me as I visit the variety of shows that I have a chance to experience in my work life with Freeman.  These shows represent a variety of industries, and sizes of exhibiting companies.  I’ve seen terrific examples of attempts at creating “more instructive” environments that are far “less disruptive” to the attendee who is there to learn.

For the most part, attendees come to events to learn;  exhibitors come to sell.  This has been creating a widening chasm between the two most important players in our marketplace engagements.  However, I see wonderful examples, and growing numbers of them, from the sophisticated to the sublime, of exhibiting companies creating engaging environments to learn, experience, and interact with products and services.  Here are some of the examples I’d like to share.  As the screens we engage with will continue to grow in number…and in possibilities for interactivity…the future of face-to-face events will continue to be robust as long as we look to be “less disruptive, and more instructive”!

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