We’re Emulating the Wrong Education Methods

Khan Academy on 60 Minutes (click here to watch clip)

Over the Labor Day weekend I had a chance to catch this segment on the news magazine show, 60 Minutes. It was fascinating…and disappointing at the same time.

As a parent it is disappointing that this proven method has been around so long yet not adopted in our schools. There are endless debates about the cost of our education system. Then you go on http://www.khanacademy.com and see how many millions of students have utilized this site…for free. Bill Gates uses this site to help his children with their education!

On the professional side of the coin, we continue to repeat the learning formats and environments of the old school system we were all raised within, even though it doesn’t engage us as learners or participants.

If, like me, you watch that clip and are given new energy toward changing the manner in which speakers engage audiences, education and exhibits are designed and staffed, and events are marketed, what are the necessary steps to get there? How does governance, typically more senior participants, respond to such wholesale change? How does governance need to be changed to engage new innovations in education, be it an association or corporate America?

Changing our education system is a daunting task. They say that meetings and conventions are America’s largest classroom. Is it just as daunting to change the system of meetings and conventions education?

Let’s share your thoughts.

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