Just because YOU built it, do THEY need to come?

“We are interested in doing some research to identify why the members that don’t come, well, don’t come to our events” -Anonymous, or it could be any event organizer really In my experience, about 15-25% of members…on average (based, again, on my experience so don’t start quoting specific numbers from some research conglomerate) come to … Continue reading

If you Quit learning, You Quit Living

One of the great benefits of having a child in college, outside of the adored endless dinners of mac & cheese and hot dogs to save money, is the opportunity to go and visit said child at the university.  This past weekend afforded me such an opportunity. College students are all about live events, meetings, … Continue reading


I saw this video on YouTube, and it was created by Jeff Hurt of Velvet Chainsaw and featured in his Midcourse Corrections blog.  Jeff is an amazing individual, and his company did a terrific job on the content and speakers in the Learning Lounge at PCMA 2011.  Great job, Jeff! The creative team I work … Continue reading

So what is it you do?

For many of us in the convention and trade show “business” the hardest question we answer in a given day is, “So, what is it you do?”. Freeman, my employer, is ” the leading provider of integrated services for face-to-face marketing and brand building events, including expositions, conventions, corporate events, meetings and exhibit programs. Our strategic, … Continue reading

The Cool Cycle of Trade Shows and Events

The cycle from cool to old to retro is a punishing cycle. Even the old kitchen appliances that our parents, or we, abhored, are now back and popular once again…and much more expensive than before. Not long ago, it was soooo cool to hide your appliances by matching their exterior with the same wood as … Continue reading

Exhibit Booth or Classroom?

My company, Freeman, is very committed to improving live Face2Face Events.  Trade shows are a huge marketplace for Face2Face networking and education, as well as sales. We’ve all walked through trade shows and watched where the crowds gather.  In the past, it was around exhibit booths that had attractive models, celebrity autograph signings, or some … Continue reading

Trade shows for Meeting Planners

Today I had a discussion with an executive level independent meeting planner. We were discussing trade shows for our industry. This planner shared with me that he/she doesn’t like walking a trade show/exhibition floor.  Some of the reasons were “I know what I want and I don’t need to walk through a maze to have a … Continue reading

On Being Face-to-Face

Recently I read a blog, written a while ago, by a virtual worker.  I’m not a virtual worker, though in some sense my travel schedule and far ranging company require me to work virtually for long periods at a time, so I always think of virtual as “a meeting not requiring travel and saving costs”.  … Continue reading

Marley and Me

Say “Hi!”, as so many customers do every day at Sonny’s BBQ in Orlando, FL to Marley Bartlett. Like many I spend a great deal of my professional time traveling the country and being a part of the travel, meetings, and hospitality industry.  Good service, but more importantly, the people who provide it, is a … Continue reading

The Wizard of Westwood

I vividly remember watching the 1968 epic college basketball game…the first college basketball game to be televised nationally for those that remember…featuring the Houston Cougars against the UCLA Bruins from the new Astrodome in Houston, TX.  The Astrodome was an incredible thing to contemplate during the “Race to the Moon” times of the late ’60’s.  … Continue reading